Act 7: “Lover look away”

Seeing me this way, yet you still remain so calm.
We broke the mold and glued it back together.
The fresh and the warm turned into cold.
A stale heart transformed into stone.
Look at me if you must but I warn,
I’ve never known how to love.
You’ve never not loved me,
So I ask of you please,
Lover look away.
Lover look away.
A lush field awaits.
For you deserve flowers,
And a stronger hand to hold.
Walking a path wrapped in love.
Where no molds break, no molds exist.
Your overworked heart nurtured to health.
We can find our peace and forget all the hurt.
Seeing you that way, yet it still remains unclear.

-A.P. Schmornoff

Drawing by @xxchintikixx


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