Act 8: “The Carnal Carnival”

Oh, how you gave in.
You didn’t even have to move.
Not a single muscle. I took you from go.
Raw marks on your wrist.
A lovers reward.

A week later we pass at sunrise.
Wry smiles pairing sheepish grins.
Your eyes avoid mine this time. The last time.
The unravelling begins.
A lover’s refusal.

We talk and laugh, of course.
We’ve done it before. We’ve done this before.
Normalcy collapsing our desire for what we can’t have.
Intentions rendered irrelevant.
Two lovers. We can’t have.

Earth’s rotation pays us no mind, of course.
Just two specks of dust clouding the cosmos fire.
It was the electric charge drew us together,
Yet something so simple pressed erase.
Two lovers. The carnal carnival.

-A.P. Schmornoff

Drawing by @xxchintikixx


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